quarta-feira, janeiro 18, 2006

No último parágrafo, da última página de "Truth and Other Enigmas", lê-se:

Just because the scandal caused by philosophy's lack of a sistematic methodology has persisted for so long, it has been a constant preocupation of philosophers do remedy that lack, and a repeated illusion that they had succeeded in doing so. Husserl believed passionately that he at last held the key which would unlock every philosophical door; the disciples of Kant ascribed to him the achievement of devising a correct philosophical methodology; Spinoza believed that he was doing for philosophy what Euclid had done for geometry; and before him, Descartes supposed that he had uncovered the one and only proper philosophical method. I have mentioned only a few of many examples of this illusion; for any outsider to philosophy, by far the safest bet would be that I was suffering from a similar illusion in making the same claim for Frege. To this I can offer only the banal reply which any prophet has to make to any sceptic: time will tell.
Michael Dummett

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